[TEMPLE] Modern Super Series Qualifier
Magic: The Gathering

Fetchlands, powerful Planeswalkers, free spells and more! Come enjoy one of Magic's strongest and most popular formats at Temple Arden's Modern Super Series Qualifier.

As with all Super Series Qualifier events, this event will be run at Competitive REL with supervision from a qualified judge.

Decklists will be required, and should be emailed to the following address: templearden@gmail.com with the subject line "Temple Ardeny Modern Decklist [YOUR NAME HERE]"

Round 1 begins at 11:00AM sharp!

~Event Details~

Modern Swiss + Top 8

Player Cap: 32

Entry: $30

Registration + Check In: 10:30-10:59AM

Round 1: 11:00AM


Participation: All players will receive Full Art An Offer You Can't Refuse

Top 8: Full Art Death's Shadow (Non-Foil)

1st: Full Art Death's Shadow (Foil) + Ultimate Guard Swag Bag

Additional store credit prizes based on attendance!



[TEMPLE] Modern Super Series Qualifier ticket - Sat, 25 Nov 2023

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