Mystery Booster Convention Edition Booster Pack

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    A booster pack inspired by Chaos Drafts, Cube, and over a quarter century of Magic history. With almost 1,700 possible cards, each Mystery Booster is full of surprises.

    Each booster pack contains:

    2 white commons or uncommons

    2 blue commons or uncommons

    2 black commons or uncommons

    2 red commons or uncommons

    2 green commons or uncommons

    1 multicolor common or uncommon

    1 artifact or land common or uncommon

    1 rare or mythic rare with the card frame introduced in Core Set 2015

    1 card from before Core Set 2015 (can be a common, uncommon, rare or mythic rare)

    1 "playtest card"—an original design that sometimes bends Magic’s traditional rules


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