[MAZE] Star Wars Unlimited PR
Star Wars Unlimited

Star Wars unlimited is upon us! Come down to battle in the prerelease for the very first set.

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6 Spark of Rebellion Booster Packs
2 Promo Cards
Quickstart Rules
Damage Counters
Deckbuilding Guide

Sealed deck

At the beginning of a sealed play event, you will open six booster packs. You must use the cards within those packs to build a deck while adhering to the following rules:

Your deck must consist of exactly one leader, exactly one base, and a minimum 30-card draw deck. Your sideboard includes all of the other cards you opened from your packs.  

You can use any common base for your deck, even one that did not come from one of the booster packs you opened. You can only use a rare base if it was in one of the booster packs you opened.

Your draw deck can include any number of copies of the same card.  

Typically, the winner of a sealed play match is determined by best-of-three games. Each game should take an average of 20 minutes to complete. 

$55 Entry

3 Swiss rounds

Each player will receive additional boosters, promos and other participation prizes at the end of the event.

[MAZE] Star Wars Unlimited PR ticket - Sun, 03 Mar 2024

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